Part of Camp Spifida’s mission is to encourage the children’s independence to build self-esteem and confidence. For many of the children who come to camp, they are the only ones in their school, the only ones in their community, who have spina bifida. Camp Spifida is a place to go where they are like everyone else. Each camper brings his or her unique abilities, and that contributes to the whole camping experience.

Camp Spifida helps children and parents know that they still love each other very much, but they can also enjoy some things apart from each other. Because of the tremendous bond that forms between parents and a child with spina bifida, it is hard for parents to let their children do something new on their own for the first time.

Children who attend Camp Spifida learn how to become more independent with their own care. For example, our volunteer medical staff has been able to successfully help many children learn to catheterize and transfer his or herself by the time they leave camp.

About Us

A camp for Children with Spina Bifida.501 © 3 non profit corporation.


Camp Address: 58 Camp Victory RdMillville, PA 17846
Postal Mail: 196 Rose Lane Port Trevorton, PA 17864


Camper Info: Email: Sasha hovakTelephone: (570) 437-3924
Staff Info: Email: Kelly HammakerTelephone: (570) 374-4907

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